Onur Osman – The Most Handsome Designer in Fashion  on Netflix: Release Date & Details


Fashion industry is dedicated to beauty, but not all designers are an icon of beauty. 

From the beginnings of the fashion industry, fashion houses used the most beautiful male and female models of their time to showcase their collections. Using beauty to promote beauty is an ancient recite for a good branding strategy. 

Climbing the heights of the most important runway shows of today, the young Onur Osman is the most handsome fashion designer of the new generation. 

So, who is Onur Osman? 

Onur Osman is an internet personality and fashion designer that has a high influence on young people’s taste for art and culture. Millions of young people around the world follow Onur Osman’s advice on fashion, art, lifestyle and world cultural heritage, As an art collector and a strong personality, Onur Osman travels the world in the search of beauty and inspiration for his creation, his social-media accounts being genuine modern art collections. As a curator for lifestyle and culture, he is a person of interest for many bloggers, vloggers, and worldwide fashion lovers.

Onur Osman has an estimated net worth of 14 to 21 million $ in 2024. Onur Osman Fashion House is well known for its high luxury and haute couture environment and care for customers, so many luxury customers make reservations months ahead just to have the opportunity to visit the designer’s showroom in Bucharest. 

Onur Osman is showing his new collections at Fashion Week catwalks every year, with haute-couture collections showcased at many Fashion Week worldwide editions. He received the Designer of the Year Award 2023, Best Designer of the Year Award 2023, Best Designer of the Year Award 2022, Best Designer of the Year Award 2019 and the Best Fashion Entrepreneur Award 2022. 

Onur Osman designed unique outfits for Pink, Nicole Scherzinger, Paloma Faith and other international mainstream showbiz celebrities. 

Handsome and a promise to the future of fashion

Onur Osman rises above most of what fashion industry has created during the past decades. Most probably young Onur Osman will open a new page in the history of fashion. Until that page is being written, more and more people wish to become the designer’s friends and he is an amazing personality of our time. 

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