9 Best Adult Animated Shows on Netflix to Watch in 2023


9 Best Adult Animated Shows on Netflix to Watch in 2023

Looking to spice up your Netflix binge? Look no further! We’ve got a list that’s constantly updated with the coolest adult animated shows and animated comedies. These shows are made for the grown-ups who love a good laugh. Get ready to jump into a world of animated awesomeness!

One show that’s got everyone talking is BoJack Horseman, the very first original animated series from Netflix. It’s a must-watch for lovers of animated greatness. But wait, there’s more! Netflix has a whole bunch of other amazing adult cartoon shows like F Is for Family, Big Mouth, and Pacific Heat.

Got a favorite adult animated series that we missed? No worries, you can add it to the list! We want to hear about your top picks too. So, let us know which shows you think are the best. Get ready to stream and enjoy the fun!

1. Inside Job

Inside Job

Premiered: October 22, 2021

2. BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman

Premiered: August 22, 2014

3. Arcane


Premiered: November 6, 2021

4. Love, Death & Robots

Love, Death & Robots

Premiered: 2019

5. Big Mouth

Big Mouth

Premiered: September 29, 2017

6. F Is for Family

F Is for Family

Premiered: December 18, 2015

7. Blood of Zeus

Blood of Zeus

Premiered: October 27, 2020

8. The Guardians of Justice

The Guardians of Justice

Premiered: March 1, 2022

9. Paradise PD

Paradise PD

Premiered: August 31, 2018

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