9 Best Things to Say on a First Date: Expert Advice for a Successful Encounter in 2023


9 Best Things to Say on a First Date: Expert Advice for a Successful Encounter in 2023

A first date can be a thrilling adventure with countless possibilities. To make sure your first date is a blast, it’s essential to avoid certain phrases. Let’s explore some of the most cringe-worthy things you should steer clear of on a first date. The key to success is keeping the conversation light and avoiding topics that would make even the boldest daredevil blush. Remember, trying to be hilarious can sometimes lead to unexpected outcomes.

One of the biggest blunders you can make on a first date is talking non-stop about your past relationships. Whether you still have feelings for your ex or can’t stand them, it’s best to leave that topic untouched. Comparing your date to your ex is definitely a recipe for disaster.

Another subject to avoid is excessive chatter about your parents, especially if you’ve surpassed the age of 25. While it’s fine to mention your family, drawing comparisons between your date and your parents is a definite no-no. Actually, it’s best not to compare your date to anyone at all.

Finding the perfect balance is key. You don’t want to appear too intense, but at the same time, being too aloof or rude won’t do the trick either. Remember, first impressions can leave a lasting impact. So, if you’re hoping for a second date, make sure to steer clear of these conversation pitfalls.

Now, let’s delve into the most polarizing statements you can make on a first date. These are the phrases that are sure to prevent a second date.

Most controversial: “I strongly believe in gender equality.”

1. “I Hope We Run Into My Ex Here.”

2. “My Ex and I Used to Come Here All the Time.”

3. “Is Your Sister Single?”

4. I’m Horny; You’ll Have To Do

I'm Horny; You'll Have To Do

5. What’s Your Name Again?

What's Your Name Again?

6. “Is that it?”

7. “My Ex Would Love to Meet You.”

8. “How Much Money Do You Make?”

9. “Does This Look Infected to You?”

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