Best to Worst: Ranking the 7 Seasons of ‘Queer Eye’ in 2023


Best to Worst: Ranking the 7 Seasons of 'Queer Eye' in 2023

Queer Eye, the incredibly popular Netflix show, is a modern take on the Bravo series that first aired in 2003. With a total of 7 seasons, this fabulous show features the unforgettable Fab Five – Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Tan France. But here’s the twist: each season takes place in a different location, taking viewers on a whirlwind adventure through cities like Georgia, Missouri, and even Japan!

In the very first season, we were introduced to the new Fab Five and witnessed some truly heartwarming makeover stories that left us all in awe. One of those stories was about Tom, a 57-year-old divorced man who was nominated by his daughter. Season two didn’t disappoint either, delivering even more incredible transformations, such as the inspiring story of Skyler, a trans man looking to change his legal identity.

But hold on, because season three brought a whole new vibe as the show shifted its focus to nominations from Missouri and Kansas. One of the lucky recipients of the Fab Five’s magic touch were Deborah Little and Mary Shorty, the owners of Jones Barb-B-Q in Kansas City, Kansas. And as the seasons continued, the locations changed too, taking us from the vibrant streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in season five to the lively city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Each season of Queer Eye is jam-packed with awe-inspiring transformations and moments that will tug at your heartstrings. But forget about voting for your favorite season, because we want to know which season left you feeling the most fabulous! So, take a moment to dive into the details of each season below and let us know which one stole your heart. And who knows, you might just find that other fans share your rankings when you check back later. Get ready for a fabulous journey!

1. Queer Eye – Season 3

Queer Eye - Season 3
In season three, the Fab Five headed to Kansas City, Missouri, to keep doing their incredibly impactful work. They worked their magic and completely transformed the lives of various people. From two sisters who own a barbecue joint to a single father battling with self-esteem problems, no challenge was too big for the Fab Five. With their vast knowledge and skills, they guided these individuals to revamp their entire lifestyles. But it wasn’t just about the physical changes; the Fab Five also shared some valuable life lessons along the way.

2. Queer Eye – Season 6

Queer Eye - Season 6
Season 6 of Queer Eye was all about the Fab Five experts lending a hand to people who wanted to turn their lives around. With a total of 10 episodes, each one focused on a different personal journey. The stories varied from a trans power-lifter struggling with self-confidence to a high-school prom committee dealing with a tough year. And let’s not forget the quirky restaurant owner who was craving a change.

The Fab Five took on diverse challenges, helping in various areas like grooming, fashion, home makeovers, and even improvements in food and drink. They truly left no stone unturned when it came to transforming these individuals’ lives.

3. Queer Eye – Season 1

Queer Eye - Season 1
The first season of Queer Eye brought us the amazing new Fab Five: Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, and Karamo Brown. These guys are on a mission to help people in and around Atlanta who are in need of a lifestyle makeover. Brace yourself for a season packed with emotional transformations, heartwarming moments, and loads of style advice. The Fab Five aren’t just about giving people a new look, they also help boost their self-confidence and self-awareness. It’s all about a total makeover, inside and out.

4. Queer Eye – Season 7

Queer Eye - Season 7
Season 7 of Queer Eye was all about helping everyday heroes transform their lives. The Fab Five took on various challenges, starting with a group of fraternity brothers who wanted to spruce up their house and improve their hosting skills. It was an important event for them, and the Fab Five were there to guide them through the process.

But that was just the start. In the following episodes, the Fab Five lent a helping hand to a sports superfan who wanted to be a better partner, a trauma survivor who was dealing with hidden sadness, an amazing educator who always put others before herself, a deli owner who needed a boost in confidence, a champion for the formerly incarcerated who wanted to make a difference, and a farmer who struggled with self-esteem issues.

Throughout the season, the common theme was all about boosting the recipients’ self-esteem and resilience. The Fab Five made sure that these heroes were equipped to face their challenges head-on. It was about giving them the tools and support they needed to overcome their obstacles and come out stronger on the other side.

Overall, Season 7 of Queer Eye was a journey of transformation, inspiration, and empowerment. The Fab Five worked their magic and helped these everyday heroes find their inner strength. It was a season filled with heartwarming stories and life-changing makeovers.

5. Queer Eye – Season 2

Queer Eye - Season 2
In the second season, the Fab Five kept doing their thing, but this time they expanded their horizons and worked with a more diverse group of people. They brought in a woman and a trans man, which was a departure from the first season that mainly focused on straight men. The Fab Five really dug into the lives of these individuals, going beyond the surface level, and helped them to truly embrace who they are and conquer their own personal hurdles.

6. Queer Eye – Season 4

Queer Eye - Season 4
In the fourth season, the Fab Five made their way back to Kansas City. This time around, something truly special happened. Jonathan Van Ness, one of the Fab Five members, embarked on a personal journey that touched the hearts of many. He decided to go back to his old high school and give his former music teacher a fantastic makeover. It was a heartwarming and emotional experience for everyone involved.

Throughout the season, the Fab Five continued to shine a light on a wide range of individuals from different walks of life. The show didn’t just focus on style and fashion; it also tackled important social issues. The messages conveyed were genuinely impactful, reminding us all of the power of empathy, acceptance, and love.

It was truly a season filled with heartwarming transformations, powerful stories, and valuable life lessons. The Fab Five once again proved that they are not only talented experts in their fields, but also compassionate human beings who genuinely care about making a positive difference in people’s lives.

7. Queer Eye – Season 5

Queer Eye - Season 5
In season five, the Fab Five headed to Philadelphia, where they worked their magic on a variety of people. From a gay clergy member to a dog groomer facing challenges, they were determined to make a difference. With their unique set of skills, the Fab Five helped these individuals find their true selves and make positive changes to their lives.

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