The 7 Best & Most Outrageous Group Dates on The Bachelor & Bachelorette in 2023


The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is famous for its quirks that have now become the norm, like the nights of fantasy suites, the roses given on first impressions, and the exciting two-on-one dates. However, one of the most captivating parts of the show is when group outings take a wild turn. These group adventures can become daring, physically challenging, or completely out of the ordinary. They involve one lucky Bachelor or Bachelorette and a group of contestants all vying for attention, creating a volatile situation that often leads to thrilling drama.

Even after more than a decade since its debut, The Bachelor franchise remains a cultural sensation. It has gifted us with unforgettable phrases such as “I’m not here to make friends,” “Will you accept this rose?”, and “Can I steal you for a second?” It’s a big deal if someone isn’t there for the right reasons. Part of the show’s enduring popularity can be attributed to the outrageous group outings that these brave contestants endure, all in the pursuit of a rose. But hey, it’s all in good spirits and keeps us thoroughly entertained.

1. Arie Luyendyk Jr. (Season 22): Moulin Rouge Performances

During Arie Luyendyk’s season, the contestants went on a group date at the famous Moulin Rogue cabaret. They got to dress up in traditional cabaret costumes and learn a routine to perform. Honestly, it sounds like a really fun group date if you’re into that kind of thing.

However, this “kind of stuff” involved wearing a thong on television, which meant that the ABC editors had to work extra hard to censor the extra skin on display. To cover up, every single contestant had a little black box over her bottom. It’s kind of surprising that the producers would put the show in a position where so much censorship was needed, but I guess that’s just how The Bachelor rolls.

2. Brad Womack (Season 15): ‘Sports Illustrated’ Photo Shoot

Family-friendly fun took an awkward turn during a group date on the Bachelor. Brad Womack found himself in one of the most uncomfortable situations in the show’s history. He was joined by contestants Chantal, Michelle, and Ashley for a Sports Illustrated photoshoot. The tension rose when Michelle, a former model, took the lead and dragged Brad to the sand. They posed together in risqué positions, while the other two contestants looked on. It was a combination of sun, sand, red bikinis, and buckets of tears. While it may sound like a disaster to some, for the Bachelor franchise, it’s just another opportunity for high ratings.

3. Juan Pablo Galavis (Season 18): Dancing Backup For A K-Pop Group

During Juan Pablo Galavis’s season of The Bachelor, the show took the contestants to South Korea. And let’s just say, things got a little cringeworthy. They had this group date where the women had to dance backup for a famous K-pop group called 2NE1. Now, these ladies were definitely not professional dancers, that’s for sure. It was a bit of a hot mess, to be honest.

To make matters worse, one of the contestants had some serious wardrobe malfunctions. Her shirt just couldn’t seem to stay in place, and she ended up accidentally revealing her bra on stage. Talk about embarrassing! I mean, we all have our moments, but this was on a whole other level.

It’s safe to say that these women didn’t exactly shine during their performance in South Korea. But hey, at least they gave it their best shot, right? Sometimes you just have to embrace the awkwardness and roll with it. After all, it’s all part of the journey on The Bachelor.

4. Chris Soules (Season 19): MuckFest In Wedding Dresses

On The Bachelor, it’s not just about the bikinis – they also love putting the female contestants in wedding dresses. This time, the ladies were decked out in stunning wedding gowns as they took on the MuckFest obstacle course. By the end of the group date, their once beautiful dresses were completely caked in mud and dirt. It was a rather symbolic image that represented the essence of the show.

The winner of the group date had the privilege of going on a special one-on-one date with Chris Soules later that night. However, things took an unexpected turn during their dinner, and sadly, she was sent home. It just goes to show that sometimes, getting down and dirty on The Bachelor doesn’t always lead to a happily ever after.

5. Sean Lowe (Season 17): Polar Bear Plunge

In an attempt to have the contestants don bikinis, Sean Lowe’s season had a rather questionable idea for a group date – a Polar Bear Plunge. The water was described as “just above freezing,” which definitely raises concerns. To address these concerns, Sean brought in an EMT who warned the women about the risk of hypothermia.

Despite the warning, one contestant wisely chose not to participate. It was probably a good decision, considering what happened to Tierra. After emerging from the water, she dropped to the ground and required medical attention. Sitting in a wheelchair with oxygen tubes in her nose, she exclaimed, “This guy better marry me.” Unfortunately for her, Sean did not end up marrying that particular contestant.

6. Arie Luyendyk Jr. (Season 22): Demolition Derby

The producers of Arie Luyendyk’s season came up with some truly wacky group dates. At first, they might not have seemed too outlandish. I mean, a demolition derby for a former professional driver like Arie doesn’t sound that crazy, right? But then things took an unexpected turn when one of the contestants, Annaliese, started crying during the group date.

It turns out that Annaliese had a childhood trauma that made her hesitant to participate in the demolition derby. And what was the cause of this trauma, you ask? Brace yourself, because it’s pretty unbelievable. Apparently, Annaliese had a traumatic experience riding in bumper cars. Yes, you read that right. Bumper cars.

I know, it sounds like something out of a comedy sketch, but this is real life. You just can’t make this stuff up.

7. Arie Luyendyk Jr. (Season 22): Bowling

Bowling: a seemingly harmless activity, but oh boy, can things go awry. Take Arie Luyendyk, for instance, who decided it was a good idea to lick a bowling ball. Yes, you read that right – he actually licked it. Talk about questionable choices.

But that’s not all. The disastrous turn of events continued when Arie made a decision that would blow up the entire date. He allowed not only the winners of the game but also the losers to join him for a cocktail hour. Originally, it was supposed to be a prize exclusively for the winners.

This unexpected change didn’t sit well with Krystal, the season’s villain, who happened to be on the winning team. She was furious with Arie’s decision, as it meant she would have less alone time with him. In protest, she decided to boycott the cocktail hour altogether. And let me tell you, things got heated when she confronted Arie about it.

In summary, what seemed like a fun game of bowling turned into a series of unfortunate events. Arie’s peculiar bowling ball-licking escapade, coupled with his decision to include both winners and losers in the cocktail hour, left Krystal feeling frustrated and led to a heated exchange between her and Arie.

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