Top 10 Documentary Films of 2023: Uncover the Best Picks


Top 10 Documentary Films of 2023: Uncover the Best Picks

This year has been an absolute whirlwind of incredible documentaries in 2023, with a bunch of new films stealing the spotlight. We’ve carefully handpicked this list of the absolute best documentary movies of the year, taking into account critical acclaim, fan favorites, and super high Rotten Tomatoes ratings. But this isn’t just some expert-driven list; it’s also shaped by awesome movie enthusiasts like you and their opinions. So get ready for an exhilarating adventure into reality, where you hold the power to take these documentaries from great to absolutely legendary.

The documentaries of 2023 capture the very essence of our world. They offer a peek into the mesmerizing complexities of celebrity life, a chance to hear the resonating voices of music icons, an opportunity to explore the enduring legacies of sports legends, and a front-row seat to the extraordinary journeys of individuals who have made history. These films provide a deeper understanding of our global landscape, showcasing diverse perspectives and shining a light on important issues. Now, it’s your time to make a splash. Your opinions have the ability to shape the rankings and ensure that the cream of the 2023 documentary crop rightfully claims its place at the top. The more you get involved, the higher they climb, and the closer they get to becoming the defining documentaries of the year. Your participation will celebrate the art of documentary filmmaking in 2023 and amplify the voices and stories that absolutely deserve to be heard.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a look for the streaming buttons below each film. They’ll whisk you away to platforms like HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Paramount+, and Disney+, where you can catch these remarkable new and upcoming documentaries whenever and wherever they’re available. Your cinematic journey is waiting, and it all starts with your say.

Newest additions: Stephen Curry: Underrated, Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie, Victim/Suspect.

1. Pamela, a Love Story

Pamela, a Love Story
Pamela, A Love Story takes you on a captivating journey into the life of Pamela Anderson. Using personal videos and diaries, this documentary offers an intimate look at her rise to fame, turbulent romantic relationships, and the infamous sex tape scandal. Anderson herself tells her story, sharing the defining moments that have shaped her public image.

This film is unapologetically honest, exposing the complexities of celebrity life. It delves into the ups and downs of Anderson’s personal experiences, shedding light on the challenges she faced in the spotlight. The documentary explores the intersection of personal and public scrutiny, offering a unique perspective on the price of fame.

Through Anderson’s own narrative, viewers gain insights into the world of love and its complexities. Her experiences are laid bare, allowing us to understand the highs and lows that come with being a public figure. This unfiltered exploration of her life unveils the raw truth behind the glamorous facade.

Pamela, A Love Story is a must-watch for anyone curious about the real story behind Pamela Anderson’s life. It’s a compelling tale that tackles the thorny issues of celebrity, love, and the relentless scrutiny that comes with being in the public eye.

Actors: Pamela Anderson
Released: 2023
Directed by: Ryan White

2. Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over

Dionne Warwick: Don't Make Me Over
This documentary takes you on a captivating journey of an iconic singer. Their illustrious six-decade career is intertwined with significant contributions to Black and LGBTQ activism. The film shares compelling narratives and personal accounts to explore the profound impact this artist has made on the music industry and social advocacy. It’s all about resilience and cultural influence, shedding light on the intricate tapestry of their life. This documentary goes beyond their melodic accomplishments, resonating with audiences on a deeper level.

Actors: Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach, Jerry Blavat, Snoop Dogg
Released: 2021
Directed by: David Heilbroner, Dave Wooley

3. Bill Russell: Legend

Bill Russell: Legend
In this two-part biographical documentary, let’s take a deep dive into the incredible legacy of Bill Russell – a true legend in the NBA and a powerful figure in the civil rights movement. Through captivating stories and personal testimonies, the film reveals just how much Russell has shaped the world, both on and off the basketball court. With a particular emphasis on his transformation from a sports icon to a champion of human rights, this documentary gives us a comprehensive look at Russell’s lasting impact on professional sports and social activism.

Actors: Bill Russell
Released: 2023
Directed by: Sam Pollard

4. Money Shot: The Pornhub Story

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story
Step into the captivating realm of the adult entertainment industry with Money Shot: The Pornhub Story. This documentary delves deep into the incredible journey of the renowned platform, showcasing its moments of success and moments of controversy. By interviewing performers, advocates, and former employees, the film offers a candid and enlightening look into the intricate world of Pornhub. Prepare to uncover the platform’s remarkable accomplishments and the scandals that have surrounded it. Brace yourself for a thought-provoking exploration of the intricate relationship between the adult film industry and modern media platforms.

Actors: Wolf Hudson, Siri, Natassia Dreams, Cherie DeVille, Asa Akira
Released: 2023
Directed by: Suzanne Hillinger

5. Victim/Suspect

Get ready to be shocked by this eye-opening documentary that reveals a disturbing reality. Follow investigative journalist Rae de Leon as she takes us on a nationwide journey, uncovering a troubling pattern. This thought-provoking film goes deep into the stories of young women who, after bravely reporting their sexual assaults, find themselves trapped in a horrifying cycle. Instead of receiving the justice they deserve, these survivors become victims of a broken system that charges them with false reporting. The consequences? Arrest and imprisonment. It’s a stark portrayal of how our society fails to protect those who have already suffered so much.

Directed by: Nancy Schwartzman

6. For All Humankind

For All Humankind
This documentary takes a deep dive into the intertwining stories of 1968 and 2020, shedding light on the incredible journey of humanity’s exploration of space. It puts a spotlight on notable figures such as Christopher Jackson, Victor Glover, and Gloria Steinem, revealing how space exploration has had a profound impact on society and culture. Through a captivating mix of historical footage and personal perspectives, For All Humankind offers an engaging exploration of the strong links between these pivotal years and our insatiable desire to comprehend the cosmos.

Actors: Sonequa Martin-Green, Gloria Steinem, Christopher Jackson
Released: 2023
Directed by: Laurens Grant

7. Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie
Join us on an up-close and personal journey through the life of a Canadian army base kid who shot to fame during the 1980s. This emotional documentary takes a deep dive into the rapid rise and heartbreaking transformation of a beloved entertainer, famous for unforgettable performances in TV shows like Family Ties and movies like Back to the Future. Experience the captivating story of an endlessly hopeful individual confronting an unexpected and unwavering fight against an incurable illness, exposing the powerful connections between fame, strength, and the human essence.

Actors: Andrew Barber, Hannah Galway, Danny Irizarry, Allison Klause
Released: 2023
Directed by: Davis Guggenheim

8. Stephen Curry: Underrated

Stephen Curry: Underrated
Join us on an incredible journey as we delve into the life of a basketball legend whose story defies all expectations. This fascinating documentary takes you through the remarkable tale of Stephen Curry, as we trace his incredible journey from being an underestimated college player to becoming a four-time NBA champion.

As we unravel the narrative, get ready to witness Curry’s unbreakable spirit and unparalleled skills that not only revolutionized the game of basketball but also solidified his place as a true game-changer in the history of sports.

Directed by: Peter Nicks

9. The Deepest Breath

The Deepest Breath
Dive into the mesmerizing world of freediving with this captivating documentary. It beautifully portrays the intertwined stories of a champion freediver and an experienced safety diver, as they come together at the pinnacle of the freediving world. Through this film, you’ll witness the thrilling rewards and inherent dangers of chasing dreams beneath the ocean’s surface. It delves deep into the realm of human resilience and the unbreakable bonds that form when pursuing shared passions. Get ready for an awe-inspiring journey into the depths of the ocean!

Directed by: Laura McGann

10. In viaggio: The Travels of Pope Francis

In viaggio: The Travels of Pope Francis
Actors: Pope Francis

Released: 2022
Directed by: Gianfranco Rosi

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