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8 Stunning Do-It-Yourself Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms
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There are lots of steps you can take to update your house so that it has a higher resale value. One of the best things you can do, though, is to redo your bathrooms.

If your home has modern, well-designed bathrooms, it’ll be much more enticing to potential buyers.

Even when people try to change something in their house, astonishing Bathroom Design Ideas created by you can be an inspiration for them. There are people that use Do-It-Yourself Design Ideas in their videos. If you have a Youtube account use this as a chance to get more engagement for your channel or buy youtube subscribers.You might be at a loss as to how to update your bathrooms, though, especially if they’re on the small side and feel a bit cramped.

If you have small bathrooms in your house that you need help redesigning or redecorating, this article is for you. Read on for eight design ideas you might want to use. 

  1. Practice Minimalism

Sometimes, the issue isn’t that a space is too small. Sometimes, the problem is that you’re trying to cram too much stuff into that space.

If you’re frustrated by your small bathroom, take a look around and ask yourself if it’s possible for you to clear out clutter and make it appear larger.

By practicing minimalism and maximizing the space you do have, you (and those who look at your house) will be less likely to notice the size of the bathroom itself.

Start by taking everything out of your bathroom and getting rid of everything you don’t need. Move it to a different storage area, throw it out, or donate it.

Once you’ve done this, make use of organizational tools like clear bins and baskets to store what’s left in a simple and attractive way.

  1. Increase Functionality

In addition to updating your storage, you may also want to look for ways that you can increase the functionality of your bathroom.

If you’re using every square inch of that room to its fullest potential, you’ll be less likely to notice that it’s lacking in the size department.

There are lots of ways to make your bathroom a more utilitarian space. Consider adding a second sink or moving your stackable washer and dryer into the room as well.

Once all the clutter is gone, you may find that you have more room for these things that you initially realized.

  1. Splurge on Finishes

Having less square footage to work with often seems like a drawback to homeowners, especially when it comes to areas like the bathroom.

Think of it this way, though. Since you don’t have as much space to cover, you can afford to splurge a bit when it comes to finishes like tile, bathroom fixtures, or amenities.

You can go for a more expensive tile or countertop option since you’re working with limited space, or you can invest in some fun amenities like a built-in towel warmer. The options are endless!

  1. Use a Glass Shower Door

Instead of a shower curtain, consider switching to a glass shower door. This will help your bathroom appear larger and feel less claustrophobic.

Glass shower doors also look very sleek and modern, and switching from a traditional shower/bathtub combo and opting for a standup shower will help your bathroom to feel more spacious overall.

It’s true that a glass shower door is definitely an investment. It can be worth it, though, if it improves the look of your bathroom and helps you get a better price for your house.

  1. Mount Everything to the Wall

The more items you mount to the wall, the more space there will seem to be in your bathroom.

Of course, you can mount shelves and even the vanity (if you choose a floating style) to the walls. Don’t stop there, though.

Consider mounting the toilet to the wall, too. This will free up a lot of space and help your bathroom appear more modern and minimalist.

It will be a bit confusing to your guests at first glance, though.

  1. Install Cubbies

If, after clearing out clutter, you decide that you still don’t have as much storage space as you’d like, consider built-in storage units like cubbies.

This will give you more space without having to bring in a hutch or install cabinets, which will take up a lot of room and cause your bathroom to feel smaller. Depending on the size of your bathroom, these storage options might not even be functional.

Installing cubbies gives you additional storage and will make the room much more appealing to buyers who also prioritize having easy access to a lot of storage space.

  1. Make Use of Mirrors

Hanging mirrors on the walls in a strategic way can make any room appear larger, including the bathroom.

Use mirrors to expand the space and help it to feel more open. You may even want to consider covering a whole wall (or at least a large portion of that wall) with mirrors.

This will expand the room and provide you and your guests with ample opportunities to make sure your hair looks good from every angle.

  1. Install a Floating Vanity

According to these experts, the right vanity in your bathroom can make all the difference from a decoration perspective and a storage perspective.

Updating your vanity is a great way to spruce up your bathroom and make it appear larger.

Consider installing a floating vanity, too. Floating vanities take up less space but still provides you with a functional surface and some much-needed storage.

They have a very nice, modern look to them as well, so they’re great for bringing your house into the 21st century and making your bathroom (or bathrooms) more appealing to younger buyers.

Update Your Small Bathrooms Today

Your small bathrooms may be limited in the space department, but that doesn’t mean you have to slack when it comes to designing and decorating them.

With a little inspiration and the right tools, you can turn your bathrooms into great-looking rooms that enhance your entire house.

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