Make Your Space Work For You – Declutter

Make Your Space Work For You – Declutter
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Do you constantly despair at the amount of stuff you have?

Is it bursting out of every cupboard you have?

You’re not alone.

Homes can very easily feel too small – leaving owners assuming that the answer is to move to a larger home – one that will fit everything easily and therefore create the order they are craving.

However – even in a larger home, the same thing will occur given time.

The fact is that things grow to fill the space available.

If you have a habit of buying clothes, then getting a larger wardrobe will help for a while, but you will still fill it to bursting given the time. Videos with educational content similar to this always get numerous views. You can also stream and get the chance of interacting in real-time with your audience. If the lack of views is getting in your way of creating content, buy twitch views.


One of the main reasons people move house is for more space – and space sells (large, clutter free rooms are an estate agents dream!) – we have the need for space inbuilt in us.

But have you noticed that showhomes don’t have lots of “stuff” in them….

Its usually not the decor that sells the house – its the space.

People crave space.

Trouble is – we forget to maximise what we currently have in our homes – and suffer as a consequence.

Homes can feel cluttered and claustrophobic very quickly – with every inch bursting to breaking point.

So – whats the answer?


Work with, rather than against, the space you have available to you.

At some point, you have to start changing your thinking, it will bring you down if you are constantly battling with your home, and its much easier to work with what you have and make it work better for you.

Most of us have too much stuff – FACT – and are suffering as a result.

The most successful homes are usually the ones where space isn’t an issue – no matter how small they are.

They utilise what they have well, and maximise every square inch – all the while ensuring they don’t overfill it.

The solution is really to look at your home and only fill the storage space you have (if you really need to fill it that is!)

Its really not an easy habit to take on board – but its so worth it!


What space do you have? What storage is there? If you are lacking storage, is there potential for extra storage anywhere?

Some great ideas for adding extra storage are as follows:-

  • Utilise space under the stairs – can you add in a freestanding dresser or build in custom made units?
  • Add a storage bed to utilise all the wasted space under the bed
  • Add boxes above your wardrobe to utilise wasted space there – and to keep it contained
  • Use hanging space on the back of doors (both in wardrobes and on doors to rooms)
  • Why not have a small chest of drawers rather than a bedside table – this can also look great in a master bedroom as it balances out the bed more – and gives you loads of extra storage
  • Add shelves to an underused wall.
  • Add extra shelves to existing cupboards to ensure you haven’t got wasted space
  • Add a double hanging rail to your wardrobe – theres usually a lot of wasted space under one rail especially if hanging shirts and shorter skirts etc… – so adding in a second rail underneath can automatically double your storage.
  • The list really is endless – and you can be really creative!


Once you have maximised what you have (or at least created a plan), then you can start to allocate zones to ensure everything has a place.

For instance – your kitchen may be split into different storage areas such as cooking , prep, entertaining, washing, cleaning etc…

Within each of these areas you may have 1 or 2 cupboards.

Use those – and those alone – to store whats needed for that zone.

i.e “Entertaining” may be a cupboard with all serving dishes, best cutlery etc……., “Washing” may have a space for all fabric conditioner and washing powder, along with space for the iron and any stain removers you need.

This will serve everyone in the family well as everyone will start to become accustomed to where to find things – and they will be easier to put back as well.

The real trick here though is to allocate enough room so that you have space for what is really needed – but you have to then learn to say NO to anything that doesn’t fit.


Try and take everything out at first, then be really critical over what you have.

If you don’t use it or love it, then it should go as its just wasting your precious space.

If you still have too much, look at getting rid of any duplicates, or broken items.

Can things serve a double function – meaning you need less space? i.e. a hand blender may be all you really need, so donating your food processor may make perfect sense as this will free up nearly half a cupboard in a kitchen.

Just don’t let it spill out into another area.

Its easily done, but if that happened everywhere in your home, you’d be back to square one – you have to be harsh.

Another example is your wardrobe.

Taking everything out may well reveal clothes you forgot you had that you wouldn’t wear anymore or that no longer fit.

You may find you have 10 pairs of jeans – so pick the best 2 or 3 (in different styles such as long bootleg, or skinny jeans to wear with heels or knee high boots, and a casual pair for day to day) – let go of the rest – how many pairs of jeans can one person wear anyway!


Its actually a well known fact that too many choices cause indecision – so slimming down your options will actually help you on a day to day basis to make quick decisions, find things more easily, waste less time – need I go on!

When you have finished going through your home, you should feel a weight lifted.

You will have gone through everything, and really analysed what you need, and what space you have to store it.

Clothes will be worn more as they won’t be crushed in the wardrobe or forgotten – and kitchen items wil be less likely to chip as they have room too.

It works for every part of the home – and you really will feel better for it.

You may just realise how large your home is now as well – after all – you most likely moved there because you felt it was spacious – so get that feeling back.


Make the space you have work better for you by only using what you have – and filling it with what you really need.

It will make you look at the space rather than the items, and change your perspective.

So, is your home really too small…. or has your stuff just got out of control?

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