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Gambling for all tastes
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The Reverse or “Double Up” Game is a slot feature that allows players to increase their winnings per successful spin. The game is triggered by pressing a special button on the control panel if it is active (highlighted). The odds game function is only available when the next spin results in a winning combination. Learn how to play mobile slots Canada 2022!

In what formats the doubling game takes place

In the games of different manufacturers, the animation of the risk game is made differently, but the essence of the process remains the same. The user has to guess the result of the round. If the answer is correct, the winnings for the spin is doubled. And so long as the player gives the right answer. All bonuses accumulated during the odds game are forfeited if the answer is wrong—also burn and win the spin. Therefore, to participate in risky rounds, one needs to approach responsibly and stop on time.

Most often, in such games, you need:

  • First, guess the colour of the card’s suit, which is located shirt-side up.
  • Guess on which side the coin will fall – heads or tails.
  • Find the higher card. In this case, the player is given five cards – one open and four faces down. It is necessary to guess which card is higher than the open one.
  • Stop the blinking block in time so that it remains illuminated.

The customer’s success during the doubling round, just like during the main game, depends entirely on chance. Some variations of the risk games offer statistics, but it’s difficult to predict the outcome based on these statistics, as the suit of a card or the side of a coin is determined randomly.

How you can hedge your betting odds

Some slots offer advanced options during the doubling round. For example, part of the credits that make up your winnings per spin can be set aside, and only the remaining balance can be played. In that case, if the answer is correct, the multiplication of the played portion will still happen. If the answer is wrong, you will still have some money in reserve. This money can be withdrawn to the account, or you can try again and play them out in a chance game.

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