8 Best PG-13 Crime Dramas of 2023 – Uncover the Ultimate Suspense


8 Best PG-13 Crime Dramas of 2023 - Uncover the Ultimate Suspense

Looking for some thrilling crime drama movies that are suitable for all ages? Look no further! We’ve put together a list of the most captivating and suspenseful crime dramas out there. These movies will keep you on the edge of your seat with their intriguing plots and talented cast.

If you think a certain crime drama deserves more recognition, don’t hesitate to show your support and give it a thumbs up. You can easily search and filter through the list to find the movie that piques your interest.

Some standout films on this list include the gripping “A Perfect World” and the clever “Matchstick Men.” These movies are guaranteed to hold your attention with their suspenseful stories.

Curious about the most renowned and talked-about crime dramas suitable for all ages? Look no further! This list is your ultimate guide.

Thanks to platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services, there’s an abundance of thrilling crime dramas rated for all audiences. So, get ready to immerse yourself in these captivating stories!

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It’s worth noting that esteemed directors like Clint Eastwood and Ridley Scott have also worked on crime dramas suitable for all ages, alongside a host of other talented filmmakers.

1. Matchstick Men

Matchstick Men
Roy, played by Nicolas Cage, is a con artist who’s feeling pretty down and also deals with obsessive-compulsive disorder. His partner, Frank (Sam Rockwell), is there to lend a hand. But things get a little tricky when Roy’s teenage daughter, Angela (Alison Lohman), shows up. Surprisingly, Angela brings a breath of fresh air into Roy’s life and it seems like some of his disorder symptoms magically vanish.

However, things take a turn when Angela expresses her interest in learning the family business. Roy, against his better judgment, decides to let her in on a big scam involving a businessman (Bruce McGill). This choice forces Roy to rethink his parenting techniques and the consequences that could come along with it.

Released: 2003
Directed by: Ridley Scott
Actors: Nicolas Cage, Sam Rockwell, Alison Lohman

2. A Perfect World

A Perfect World
Meet Butch (played by Kevin Costner), a guy who managed to escape from a Texas jail. Talk about a daring escape! Now, here’s the twist – he ends up kidnapping a young, impressionable boy named Philip (played by T.J. Lowther). Yup, you heard that right. But hold on, this story takes an unexpected turn.

As Butch and Philip set off on a journey across the vast American Southwest, something surprising happens. A bond starts to form between this escaped convict and his captive. Who would’ve thought? But hey, don’t get too comfortable because law enforcement is hot on their trail.

Enter Red Garnett, an honorable Texas Ranger played by Clint Eastwood. He knows deep down that Butch actually has a heart of gold. But duty calls, my friends. Red has to do his job and pursue Butch, all in the name of upholding the law and protecting the innocent child.

So buckle up, folks. This ain’t your typical road trip. It’s a tale of unexpected connections, the pursuit of justice, and the lengths one man will go to safeguard a young life.

Released: 1993
Directed by: Clint Eastwood
Actors: Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, Laura Dern

3. The Next Three Days

The Next Three Days
Life is pretty darn tough for John and Lara Brennan, played by Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks, respectively. See, Lara has been convicted of a murder she swears up and down she didn’t commit. And let me tell you, it’s been a real downer for the couple. Fast forward three years, and John is still busting his hump at work while trying to raise their son all on his lonesome. But here’s the kicker: he’s still desperately trying to prove Lara’s innocence. But guess what? Her final appeal gets shot down. And that’s when things really hit rock bottom.

Lara, feeling totally hopeless, starts contemplating taking her own life. Yeah, it’s that bad. So, John, left with no other choice, decides to do the unthinkable: he’s gonna break her out of prison. I mean, talk about a last-ditch effort, am I right?

Released: 2010
Directed by: Paul Haggis
Actors: Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, Brian Dennehy

4. Felicia’s Journey

Felicia's Journey
Pregnant Felicia, played by Elaine Cassidy, has travelled to England in search of her boyfriend, who she knows works in a factory but is unsure which one. During her quest, she crosses paths with Joseph, an older caterer portrayed by Bob Hoskins. Joseph’s peculiar obsession revolves around old tapes of a TV chef, who he believes was his mother. However, Joseph is far from an open book. Behind his friendly demeanor, he hides a knack for deceit and thievery, as he takes advantage of Felicia. Despite this, Felicia finds herself staying with Joseph, unaware of the troubles that lie ahead as he sets his schemes into motion. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse for Felicia as Joseph’s actions escalate.

Released: 1999
Directed by: Atom Egoyan
Actors: Bob Hoskins, Elaine Cassidy, Arsinée Khanjian

5. Home of the Giants

Home of the Giants
A drug dealer approaches a high-school basketball player, Ryan Merriman, and asks him to intentionally lose the important game.

Released: 2007
Directed by: Rusty Gorman
Actors: Haley Joel Osment, Ryan Merriman, Danielle Panabaker

6. Drug Wars: The Camarena Story

Drug Wars: The Camarena Story
Drug Wars: The Camarena Story is a 1990 TV mini-series that took inspiration from Elaine Shannon’s book, Desperados, and the Time magazine article with the same title. This gripping series, directed by Brian Gibson, featured a talented cast including Steven Bauer, Miguel Ferrer, Benicio del Toro, Treat Williams, and Craig T. Nelson. Notably, it ranked as the second most-watched NBC mini-series of the year, right after The Kennedys. A sequel, Drug Wars: The Cocaine Cartel, hit the screens in 1992, starring the incredible Dennis Farina.

Released: 1990
Directed by: Brian Gibson
Actors: Benicio del Toro, Craig T. Nelson, Miguel Ferrer

7. The Joyriders

The Joyriders
The Joyriders is a cool crime drama flick from 1999, directed by Bradley Battersby and written by Jeff Spiegel and Bradley Battersby themselves. It features the talented Martin Landau in the lead role as Gordon Trout, an old guy who’s feeling down and out and even contemplates ending it all. But, hold on tight, he gets caught up in an unexpected adventure when a bunch of rebellious teenagers snatches him, along with his sweet ride and cash!

Released: 1999
Directed by: Bradley Battersby
Actors: Kris Kristofferson, Elisabeth Moss, Martin Landau

8. Logan’s War: Bound by Honor

Logan's War: Bound by Honor
Logan’s War: Bound by Honor is a TV film from 1998 that falls under the genres of action and drama. It was written by Walter Klenhard and directed by Michael Preece.

Released: 1998
Directed by: Michael Preece
Actors: Chuck Norris, Eddie Cibrian, James Gammon

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