Best to Worst: Ranking the Seasons of ‘Love Island USA’ in 2023


Best to Worst: Ranking the Seasons of 'Love Island USA' in 2023

Love Island USA, the American version of the beloved British series, is a wild ride of emotions. From fiery arguments to heartrending heartbreak, and even captivating fairy tale romances, this show has it all. But which seasons are considered the absolute best?

If you’re a fan of the originals, season 1 might be your ultimate choice. Airing in 2019, it introduced a delightful array of couples, including winners Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli, as well as the runners up, Alexandra Stewart and Dylan Curry. Season 2 is another incredible option, featuring adored cast members like Cely Velazquez and Justine Ndiba.

The location can also add some spice to your rankings. Seasons 1 and 5 whisk you away to the tropical paradise of Fiji, while season 2 takes place in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. If you prefer a more serene setting, season 3 transports you to the tranquil Nīnole, Hawaii. And if you fancy some coastal charm, season 4 is set in the picturesque Santa Barbara, California.

Take a closer look at each season to make a well-informed decision, and don’t forget to share your thoughts on your favorite Love Island USA seasons. Come back later to see if your rankings match up with other passionate Love Island fans!

1. Love Island – Season 5

Love Island - Season 5
The fifth season of Love Island kicked off on July 18, 2023, bringing in 10 fresh-faced contestants eager to find their perfect match. Guiding them through their journey was the lovely host, Sarah Hyland. And guess who made a surprise appearance during the second week? None other than Ariana Madix, a star from Vanderpump Rules!

2. Love Island – Season 2

Love Island - Season 2
Season 2 of Love Island took on a different vibe, y’all. Instead of the usual tropical paradise, the show relocated to a swanky rooftop hotel in Las Vegas. Why the change? Well, blame it on the pesky COVID-19 pandemic. But hey, the change of scenery didn’t stop the drama from heating up!

We had some memorable islanders this time around. Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks were on everyone’s radar, as they rode the rollercoaster of their relationship. Their ups and downs had us all on the edge of our seats, rooting for their love to conquer all.

But hold on tight, because things were about to get even crazier! New islanders were thrown into the mix, causing some serious turbulence among the existing couples. Trust was put to the test, and sparks were flying left and right. Drama was definitely not in short supply this season.

After all the twists and turns, it was time for the grand finale. The audience had the final say, and they crowned Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew as the ultimate power couple. These two stole hearts and proved that their connection was the real deal. They walked away with the Love Island crown, and boy, did they deserve it!

Season 2 of Love Island in Vegas was a wild ride. Despite the change in location, the drama was at an all-time high. From heartwarming moments to nail-biting challenges, it kept us hooked till the very end. Can’t wait to see what the next season has in store for us!

3. Love Island – Season 4

Love Island - Season 4
Season 4 of Love Island hit our screens on July 19, 2022, and wrapped up on September 1, 2022. This season brought us some unforgettable moments, including the classic “Mr. and Mrs.” challenge, reminiscent of The Dating Game. While the guys were enjoying their time at Casa Amor, they engaged in thrilling challenges like “Shaken and Stirred,” where they competed in cocktail-making, and “Raunchy Races,” a game of dares. These new contestants certainly shook things up, leading to unexpected recouplings and goodbyes. Ultimately, it was Timmy Pandolfi and Zeta Morrison who stole the hearts of the viewers, as they were crowned the winners of season 4.

4. Love Island – Season 1

Love Island - Season 1
Love Island season 1 was all about a bunch of young folks seeking love, living it up in a breathtaking villa in Fiji. The cast included some memorable islanders, like Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli. While they were there, they faced a bunch of challenges and had to decide whether to stay with their original partner or switch things up. Ultimately, it was Elizabeth and Zac who stole the viewers’ hearts and took home the cash prize.

5. Love Island – Season 3

Love Island - Season 3
Love Island season 3 made its grand debut on July 7, 2021, and kept viewers hooked until its thrilling finale on August 15, 2021. This season was an absolute rollercoaster ride, packed with all the drama, romance, and challenges that we’ve come to expect from the show. The Islanders found themselves in constant competition for each other’s hearts, facing tough decisions about whether to stick with their current partners or take a leap of faith and recouple.

One of the standout moments of the season was the ever-increasing tension among the Islanders as recouplings loomed over their heads. The pressure was palpable, and it led to some intense confrontations and emotional moments. But let’s not forget the Fashion Nova slumber party, which was a blast but also sparked some controversy. It was a night of fun, fashion, and some unexpected twists that kept everyone on their toes.

Of course, there were also those heart-stopping moments that had us on the edge of our seats. One such moment was when Olivia found herself torn between Andre and Korey. The love triangle had viewers guessing and rooting for their favorite pairing, making for some nail-biting television. But in the end, it was Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser who emerged victorious, capturing the hearts of fans and taking home the coveted title of winners.

Love Island season 3 was undeniably a wild ride, filled with ups, downs, and everything in between. It’s safe to say that it delivered on its promise of entertainment and kept us hooked from start to finish.

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