Grandparents on Pot: It’s a Good Thing!


Photo by Add Weed on Unsplash

The stereotype of the down and out teenager leading the charge for cannabis use is dying an overdue death. Research has shown that a more significant number of adults and seniors are turning to medical and recreational cannabis globally.

While the idea of grandparents on pot might seem a little weird, it can be hugely positive. When taking into account some of the proven benefits of cannabis, it couldn’;t make more sense for older people to jump on the bud bandwagon.

So while it may come across as a strange concept on the surface, here are six of the many reasons why grandparents on pot are nothing but a good thing:

1. Reduced Inflammation

First and foremost, many of the aging process’s adverse effects on the body come down to inflammation. Inflammation is responsible for an extraordinary array of diseases and conditions in general. Since cannabis has been identified as a powerful, effective, and safe anti-inflammatory substance, it has the potential to promote better mobility, longevity, and health in general among seniors.

2. Weight and BMI Management

Ongoing research has shown that individuals of all ages who use cannabis are likelier to have a healthy body weight than those who abstain. Older adults, in particular, often find it challenging to maintain a healthy BMI, particularly as their lifestyles become less active. In such instances, there’s every possibility that cannabis could make a real difference.

3. Reduced Drug Use

Most seniors (and adults across the board) would probably prefer to minimize their use and dependence on prescription drugs. Particularly those that are prone to nasty and potentially dangerous side effects. For a near-endless range of conditions, diseases, and health complaints in general, cannabis is even more effective than prescription drugs – all with zero risk of dangerous side effects.

4. Insomnia Treatment

Likewise, various studies have found that specific strains plants from low THC seeds of cannabis can be exponentially more effective and safe in treating insomnia than conventional drugs and supplements. Sleep problems, in general, are more common and tend to become more severe for older adults millions of whom routinely turn to insomnia medication that can be dangerously habit-forming. Targeted cannabis supplements can eliminate these risks while at the same time proving just as effective.

5. Chronic Pain Relief

The single most common cause of reduced mobility is chronic pain, arthritis, in particular, is taking its toll on millions of older adults globally. However, ongoing studies into the beneficial properties of cannabis have found that the natural compounds within cannabis can be uniquely effective in treating and managing chronic pain. What’s more, medical cannabis has shown exceptional promise as a potential immediate and long-term treatment for arthritis.

6. Anxiety and Depression Control

Lastly, the fact that the aging process is pretty much sucks cannot and should not be ignored, which is precisely why so many seniors and older adults, in general, occasionally find themselves going through periods where anxiety and depression can become problematic. All over the world, medical cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular and uniquely effective treatment for anxiety and depression, both for short and long-term cases alike. Along with presenting absolutely none of the unpleasant side effects associated with comparable prescription drugs, the critical benefit of cannabis in treating anxiety and depression is zero risk of addiction and no withdrawal effects to worry about. 

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