Shows Like Stranger Things for Tweens 


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Have you seen Stranger Things? Have you finished Season 4? Now what? We don’t want you to miss out on the thriller experience, so we’ve compiled a list of some incredible shows you can watch to relive your Stranger Things experience. 

Continue reading to discover more fantastic shows like Stranger Things.

1. Locke & Key

Locke and Keys is a binge-worthy adaptation of Joe Hill’s famous comics series. With so many hints left behind, it is genuinely mysterious and exhilarating.  The storyline is so unique that it can carve out its own niche. The synopsis “Chronicles of Narnia meets Stranger Things meets Riverdale meets The Haunting of Hill House” may be enough to entice fans of these franchises to watch this show.

Overall, “Locke & Key” is a brilliant series. This show is fantastical, full of adventure, a good balance of the character’s lives, and plenty of suspense to enjoy. For anyone who enjoys fantasy television and has enjoyed Stranger Things, we wholeheartedly recommend this show.

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2. Dark

First and foremost, kudos to the writer and cinematographer for creating Dark, a show that has solidified its place among the greatest television series ever produced. Dark is unique among Time-travel movies and television shows because it incorporates time as a component, something that has never been done before. This series explores time travel in a novel and audacious way that will keep you coming back for more.

The writers did a great job of telling the story, weaving the plot together, and surprising us with each episode. We strongly recommend this series and are confident you will fall in love with it right away.

3. The Society

This show is simply outstanding. Today’s television and film industries are overrun with reboots and sequels, and we needed something fresh. The show The Society illustrates the best qualities of human nature and shows the lengths to which we will go in order to survive. You will quickly become attached to certain characters to the point where you are proud of them, wish for a redemption arc for them, or simply become annoyed, but that is the point of good character development. In general, it’s a really compelling show that will keep you intrigued and craving more. Highly suggested for fans of the genre.

4. The Umbrella Academy

This is one of, if not the best, series available on Netflix.  The writing of the show adopts a more lighthearted tone, with almost every line being followed by a witty or sarcastic remark, but not in an excessive or grating way, which we can appreciate. Because of the fast-paced violence and gore, the action sequences have a little more added shock value. However, when combined with upbeat, funky music in the background, they create some very entertaining and memorable scenes that give the show its flair. Overall, we heartily urge everyone to watch this show!

5. The OA

This show is an innovative and brilliant take on the genre. It is both visually and intellectually satisfying, blending genres such as romance, crime, thriller, and, most notably, sci-fi.

It delves into complex scientific concepts like multiverses and interdimensional travel. The imagery is frequently supernatural and spiritual, but never cheesy.

Despite what many professional critics have said, the story is compelling. For those of us who love science fiction and are looking for quality, cerebral, imaginative series, The OA is a welcome respite from the outrageous Vampire, Zombie, Transformer, and Superhero fare.

6. I Am Not Okay with This

It’s a fantastic show to watch. You’ll find it exciting, new, and daring. It’s written so cleverly that it’s both funny and suspenseful. The characters are extremely well-developed, the lead is outstanding, and the plot is both emotionally engaging and exciting. You won’t soon forget Sophia Lillis’ portrayal as the awkward teenager who discovers she could possess a superpower. It ends on a cliffhanger, but it’s a fun ride along the way. Fans of “It,” Stephen King, and horror/thriller genres will enjoy this fantastic show.

Final thoughts

Stranger Things has been an incredible ride. We all had a good time binge-watching it. However, if you have finished watching the last season and are looking for something to watch next, consider any of the series listed above. They all have comparable vibes to your favorite show but are also unique in their own way.

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