The Most Anticipated Anime of Fall 2023, Ranked


The Most Anticipated Anime of Fall 2023, Ranked

Fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to get cozy with some pumpkin spice lattes and get pumped up about the awesome upcoming anime lineup.

Get ready, because this Fall is bringing us a bunch of highly anticipated sequels to our favorite shows. Attack on Titan fans, get ready to jump for joy as the series wraps up in November. And guess what? Spy x Family is also coming back for another season! But hold on, it’s not just about the sequels, there are some seriously cool new anime you absolutely don’t want to miss.

One of the most buzzed-about releases is The Boy and the Heron, the latest mind-blowing film from the legendary Studio Ghibli. You just know it’s going to be absolutely mind-blowing. And let’s not forget about new series like Pluto and Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, which are destined to become classics in the future.

So, which of these new anime are you most excited about? Let us know and join in on all the excitement and anticipation!

(Please note that the most controversial section has been omitted as per your request.)

1. Spy x Family (Season 2)

Spy x Family (Season 2)
The highly anticipated return of the beloved family comedy, Spy x Family, is just around the corner! Mark your calendars for October 7, because you won’t want to miss it. In this exciting season, our protagonist Twilight, a renowned spy, finds himself in a unique predicament. He needs to infiltrate an elementary school, but there’s a twist. He must get closer to the father of one of the students. To accomplish this mission, Twilight enters into a marriage with a woman named Yor and adopts a little girl named Anya. And here’s where things get even more interesting – Anya possesses psychic powers, while Yor is actually a famous assassin!

Get ready for a thrilling Cruise Adventure Arc as the new season unfolds. Who knows, we might even get a glimpse into Loid’s backstory. So, buckle up and prepare for an action-packed and hilarious ride with Spy x Family.

2. The Eminence in Shadow (Season 2)

The Eminence in Shadow (Season 2)
Release Date: October 4

Minoru Kageno’s top priority is physical strength. It’s not about seeking fame; it’s about vanquishing those he perceives as evil and safeguarding himself. However, his aspirations take an unexpected turn following a truck accident when he finds himself transported to a magical realm.

In this unfamiliar world, he is reborn as Cid, the second child of a noble family. Before long, he establishes the fictional Cult of Diablos and recruits individuals to join his cause. Initially, it appears to be nothing but pure enjoyment for him. However, he soon realizes that the Cult is not entirely a figment of his imagination and that his safety may be at stake more than he ever anticipated.

3. The Rising of the Shield Hero (Season 3)

The Rising of the Shield Hero (Season 3)
Release Date: October 6

The second season of Rising of the Shield Hero wasn’t as well-received as the first one, but there are still fans who are optimistic about Season 3. It’s an isekai series about a college student who gets transported to another world as a hero, but unfortunately, he faces a lot of hatred and persecution.

In the upcoming season, they will be adapting the Fallen Heroes Arc from the original light novel.

4. Goblin Slayer (Season 2)

Goblin Slayer (Season 2)
Release Date: October 7

The first season of Goblin Slayer really caught viewers off guard with its intense violence. Now, as the second season is about to kick off, we can’t help but wonder if it’s going to be just as brutal or if it’ll take things to a whole new level. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Goblin Slayer’s mission to wipe out the goblin race unfolds.

5. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
Release Date: September 29

After defeating the Demon King, Frieren and her fellow heroes go their separate ways. They still meet occasionally, but sadly, one by one, they all pass away before Frieren. Being an elf, she has a significantly longer lifespan. Heiter, another hero, approaches her with a mission: to train a human apprentice named Fern.

Initially, Frieren and Fern’s goal is unclear, apart from studying magic spells. However, as their journey unfolds, Frieren gets the opportunity to reflect on her past interactions with her human comrades and contemplate how she can approach things differently in the future.

6. Dr. Stone: New World (Part 2)

Dr. Stone: New World (Part 2)
Release Date: October 12

After everyone on the planet is turned into stone, the world transforms into a desolate wilderness, devoid of humanity. But when the brilliant young mind, Senku Ishigami, finally breaks free from his stone prison, he sets out on a mission to resurrect the scientific marvels of the past.

In Season 3, Senku and the rest of the Kingdom of Science boldly venture into unexplored territories across the globe. Their ultimate goal is to uncover the mysterious cause behind the petrification phenomenon and discover a way to undo its effects.

7. Attack on Titan: The Final Season – The Final Chapters Part 2

Attack on Titan: The Final Season - The Final Chapters Part 2
Release Date: November 4

The first of the final chapters of Attack on Titan was released in March 2023. It was an hour-long special that set the stage for the much-awaited final episode of the series, which is scheduled to air this fall.

Attack on Titan has gained immense popularity since its premiere in 2013, becoming one of the most beloved anime of all time. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how the series will conclude, hoping that the ending will be satisfying for them.

8. The Faraway Paladin (Season 2)

The Faraway Paladin (Season 2)
Release Date: October 7

Will was born into a pretty bizarre magical world, I mean seriously strange. He was actually raised by a mummy, a ghost, and a skeleton. Can you believe it? But hey, with their guidance, he managed to learn some pretty cool stuff like fighting, using magic, and even following the local religious practices. Talk about a unique upbringing!

Now, as part of his coming-of-age journey, Will has a new quest to tackle, all in the service of a local god. Yeah, you heard that right. Season 2 is here, and his adventure continues. So get ready to dive back into this enchanting world and see what’s in store for our unconventional hero.

9. The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Season 2 Part 2)

The Ancient Magus' Bride (Season 2 Part 2)
Release Date: October 5

Chise Hatori has made significant progress from her troubled past as a victim of abuse, where she once resorted to selling herself at an auction out of desperation. Now, she not only possesses enhanced magical abilities and control, but she has also gained the confidence to assert herself. Furthermore, her relationship with Elias Ainsworth is evolving into a more intricate and balanced dynamic.

Season 2 sees Chise enrolling in a magic college, utilizing her newfound skills to engage more actively with the broader world. As Part 2 unfolds, she is about to confront the perilous intricacies that exist within this world.

10. The Boy and the Heron

The Boy and the Heron
Release Date: July 13 (Japan), December 8 (USA)

The Boy and the Heron was initially rumored to be Hayao Miyazaki’s final film. However, it has recently been revealed that this is not the case. The movie revolves around the life of a young boy named Mahito, set in the 1940s. He must navigate the challenges of his mother’s passing and adapt to his new step-family and home. Along the way, he encounters a talking heron who takes him on a magical journey, ultimately offering him a fresh outlook on life.

Every Ghibli film is a reason to rejoice, and we hope that this one lives up to the high standard set by its predecessors.

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