Top 7 Best Young Hispanic Actors in 2023: Discover the Best Talent


Top 7 Best Young Hispanic Actors in 2023: Discover the Best Talent

Discover the most captivating Hispanic actors under 25 who are taking the entertainment world by storm. Prepare to be amazed by these rising stars who are already leaving their mark in Hollywood.

You’ll be thrilled to spot some familiar faces such as Michael Cimino, who captured hearts in Love, Victor, Xolo Mariduena, known for his roles in Parenthood and Cobra Kai, and Michael Garza, seen in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1. This compilation showcases the talents of current and former Disney and/or Nickelodeon sensations, as well as actors from popular Netflix series and hit movies.

The sheer amount of talent possessed by these young actors is undeniable, but who do you believe should be crowned as the ultimate Latin sensation under 25? Share your admiration for your favorites and check back later to see who claims the top spot!

And be sure not to miss the latest addition to the list: Ricardo Hurtado.

1. Malachi Barton

Malachi Barton
Malachi Barton is a seriously talented young actor. You might have seen him on the screen, charming everyone with his amazing acting skills. He started his acting career when he was just a kid and has really made a name for himself in the entertainment biz. One of his biggest roles was playing Beast Diaz in the Disney Channel show Stuck in the Middle, where he totally won over fans with his hilarious timing and just all-around likable personality.

2. Elias Janssen

Elias Janssen
Elias Janssen, a talented young actor, has been making waves with his captivating performances and effortless on-screen charisma. Many recognize him for his standout portrayal of Mateo Solano Villanueva in the popular series Jane the Virgin. What sets Elias apart is his remarkable talent for tackling complex characters, especially considering his age. It’s clear that he has a promising future ahead in the entertainment industry.

3. Nathan Arenas

Nathan Arenas
Nathan Arenas is this super charismatic young actor who just has this infectious smile and magnetic personality. Seriously, it’s hard not to be drawn to him! He’s got this natural comedic timing that’s just spot-on and a lovable charm that makes him instantly memorable to audiences. You might’ve seen him on the Disney Channel series Bunk’d, where he played the character Jorge. And let me tell you, he quickly became a fan favorite and a rising star in the industry.

4. Raphael Alejandro

Raphael Alejandro
Raphael Alejandro is a super talented and incredibly promising young actor. You might recognize him from his role as Matteo Silva on the hit Disney Channel show Bunk’d. This guy has some serious comedic skills and a natural charm that just can’t be denied. Seriously, he’s got it all. And with every performance he knocks out of the park, Raphael just keeps proving that he’s a rising star in Hollywood. This kid’s got some serious talent and his future is looking bright.

5. Nicolas Bechtel

Nicolas Bechtel
Nicolas Bechtel is a seriously talented actor, and he’s got this awesome knack for really connecting with audiences. You probably recognize him best from his role as Spencer Cassadine on General Hospital. Let me tell you, this guy can really bring it when it comes to acting. He’s got this incredible range and just draws you in with his presence on screen. And guess what? He’s not done yet. Nicolas is working on some new projects and taking on different roles, and I have a feeling he’s going to make a real lasting impression on the whole entertainment scene.

6. Isaak Presley

Isaak Presley
Isaak Presley has become a favorite among audiences, thanks to his undeniable talent and magnetic charm. He has made a name for himself through roles in popular series like Stuck in the Middle and Fuller House, showcasing his ability to excel in both dramatic and comedic performances. With each new project, Isaak’s star keeps rising in the entertainment industry.

7. Raymond Ochoa

Raymond Ochoa
Raymond Ochoa, let me tell you, is one seriously talented actor! This guy has got a bright future ahead of him, mark my words. I mean, have you seen him in Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur? He absolutely killed it as the voice of Arlo. Raymond has this amazing ability to make these complex characters come to life just through his voice. It’s truly captivating, I tell ya!

And let me tell you, he’s not a one-trick pony either. Raymond keeps pushing himself with each new role, showing us just how versatile and compelling he can be as a performer. He’s got that special something that sets him apart from the rest. Keep an eye out for this guy, because he’s definitely going places!

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